Italian artisan production

Our amphoras are handmade with high quality raw materials

  • Microporous Ceramic

    The evolution of ceramic

    Sirio Anfore was born as a research and development laboratory in order to give new life to an object that has accompanied human history.
    Years of improvement have led us to the evolution of ceramic in a perfect material:
    Microporous Ceramic, a mixture of clays and minerals with the right requirements for a safe oenological use.
  • Amphoras Sirio

    The excellence of Italian craftsmanship

    The clay mixture is expertly pressed by hand in plaster molds to give shape to the amphorae. As the mold is stripped, internal and external leather smoothing is carried out to facilitate washing after vinification and to seal the surface. Everything is done by our artisan experts hands.
  • Finishing

    Our passion makes Sirio’s wine amphoras unique

    After cooking, amphoras are smoothed internally and externally by abrasion, in order to facilitate their cleaning and sanitization
  • Seasoning and cooking

    Balance of water and fire

    This is one of the most delicate stages of production, where the experience and sensitivity of the Master Potter manages the definitive transformation of the material. First, he carefully dries the pot, and secondly he checks cooking times and degrees.
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