The amphora has no expiration date, it can be regenerated indefinitely.

Our amphorae have been studied by experts in winemaking. They are simple and quick to use: you can open them in 20 seconds and closed them in 30 seconds.

Being smooth, they remain clean and the few remaining tartrates can be removed with the pressure washer or with sodium hydroxide and citric acid. We provide a specific cleaning kit. To keep the amphorae healthy, we also recommend the use of a sulfur or ozone puff through the appropriate equipment, which can be purchased directly from us as an accessory.

Even if they are extremely flexible in use, the amphora should be chosen according to the product to be made and, of course, to the space available and the volumes needed to be worked. The 850 liter amphora can only be used for aging or fermentation of white wines. The smaller ones can also be used to ferment red wines, if needed.

The procedure is simple: send us an email with your complete company data, offer, acceptance, payment of a deposit, and any customization you need – such as logo. We will put you on our waiting list.

Yes, it is sufficient to carefully wash the microporous ceramic amphorae with sodium hydroxide and neutralize with citric or tartaric acid. With the previous technical ceramic, however, it is not possible to switch from red to white wine. Long-term pinking phenomena may be evident.

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