Passion, competence and experience

Amphorae for the vinification and refinement of wine

The experience in the world of wine and the ancient art of modeling clay met and merged to create a product of excellence, the amphorae for winemaking.

Michele Bean saw the birth of the phenomenon of amphorae for winemaking in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy. Intrigued, he observed the work of winemakers first, then started to work in order to solve problems and defects of this kind of winemaking. In particular, he studied practicality of use, tightness, cleaning, micro oxygenation, aesthetic impact.

The meeting with Fabrizio Ratti allowed me to transform theory into practice, and perfecting an ancient wine conservation technique.

Fabrizio Ratti has dedicated his life to the transformation of matter, aiming to create objects that could give emotions at the sight and touch. His innate need to express himself through objects in balance between art and technology led him to experiment with various materials, combining them harmoniously.

The meeting with Michele Bean allowed me to combine harmony and beauty with technology and functionality in order to create a unique object of its kind.

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