Passion, competence and professionalism

For the winemaking and aging of your wine

The professionalism in the world of wine and the ancient art of the clay modeling are merging together to create the excellent product for the winemaking

Michele Bean who saw the phenomenon of amphora emerge in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, intrigued he followed the path of the producers watching and listening first and then personally working on the resolution of problems and defects particularly considering: practicality of use, sealing, cleaning, micro oxygenation, aesthetic impact.

The meeting with Fabrizio Ratti allowed me to put in practice my theories while perfecting the ancient wine conservation technique.

Fabrizio Ratti he has dedicated his life to the transformation of matter with the purpose to create the objects that could give the emotions to the eye and touch. His inborn needs to express himself by equilibrated in arts and technology objects lead him to experiment with different materials and bring them to the perfect harmony..

The meeting with Michele Bean allowed me to merge the harmony and the beauty with the technology and the functionality to make a unique object of its kind.

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