Why choose a Sirio amphora

Experience and design come together in a unique object entirely handmade

We have created a product with attention to every detail, the result of our professional experiences and continuous study
To make our amphorae we have followed the dictates of the golden section and the Fibonacci progression. In this way, geometry and shape define the vibrational and electromagnetic state that affect the product that will be processed. to contain.
It allows the wines to be in a state of grace through the ceramic and its micro-oxygenation which is what makes it possible. allows you to make them more minerals, more sharp and precise. Not only beautiful and functional objects but the result of a continuous study that makes them unique.

Made in Italy

100% Italian

Our wine amphorae are entirely manufactured in Italy by expert craftsmen, who have been crafting materials into unique objects for generations.


Exclusive design

Study of shapes and technical solutions

We have reinterpreted an ancient object such as wine amphorae, paying particular attention to the shapes and proportions


Hand made

We take care of each wine amphora

Our amphorae are made by a bled of clay and ceramic matrix, resulting from nano engineering; this ensures the right porosity to the amphorae and, therefore, optimal oxygenation.  The doughs are carefully trodden by hand in plaster molds.  Each amphora for wine is refurbished with care and passion in all stages of production  


Assistance and training

Professionals at your service

Although it have been an integral part of our history and culture, the habit of using amphorae has been lost for years.  For this reason, we offer our customers assistance to guide them in the use of amphorae and support them in the vinification in amphora.  

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