Winemaking in Amphora
The Reason Why Sirio’s Amphorae Are Made for Winemaking

Sirio Anfore

There are a lot of winemakers looking for something new, for a new way to produce a different kind of wine. Winemaking in amphora is the new trend, chosen by many because clay offers a good oxygenation and doesn’t release any third-party flavors to wine, as wood does instead.

Sirio Anfore is born to offer an useful and elegant instrument to our customers.

What’s the difference from other amphorae?

First of all, they are produced with selected Tuscany clays, mixed with other minerals to “close” the amphora. This way our amphorae become very similar to wood and are perfect for wine making and ageing.

Further more, our amphorae are hand-made and feature a smooth surface, easy to clean with our antibacterial treatment.

Choosing Sirio Anfore is choosing an useful instrument with a lot of accessories.

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