Winemaking in Amphora: Why You Should Choose It
Winemaking in ceramic

Sirio Anfore

Ceramic is a natural material and can be an alternative instrument for winemaking and wine’s ageing.
Although ceramic is not a traditional material for winemaking, winemakers are really interested in it because of its peculiar properties, such as for the fact that it doesn’t give external aromas to the wine, as wood does instead.

We tried to meet these requests by manufacturing various models of handmade ceramic amphorae, all designed to recall shapes that are as natural and harmonious as possible, such as the Egg Amphora and the Golden Section.
These shapes can be found in architecture and nature, and symbolize harmony and elegance.

We have also created accessories that allow convenient management and easy cleaning without sacrificing taste of wine. For exemple, the white travertine base of our Egg Amphorae is not just useful but also accentuates and enhances the amphora’s aesthetics.

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