How to Recognize a Good Amphora for Winemaking
The Secret of Choosing the Perfect Amphora

Sirio Anfore

The trend of winemaking in amphora has recently seen a great increase and many winemakers have been choosing to amphoarae to create a different kind of wine.

But in order to produce a good wine one needs a good amphora. So, how recognize it?

First of all, a good amphora for winemaking must be “closed” and not porous. For this purpose, amphorae must be baked at more than 1030°C.

Making an amphora is a long - and expensive - procedure, so one'd better off be wary of very cheap amphorae and make sure that amphorae are made by expert artisans.

It's also very important for an amphora to have a food certification, released from a certifiied laboratory.

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