Origin of an Amphora for Winemaking
What Are the Best Amphorae for Winemaking?

Sirio Anfore

Amphorae for winemaking are created through an accurate choice of clay and a long handmade work. All the process is supported by an expert in winemaking.

Manufacturing of a amphora for is a process that lasts more than 2 months.

What are the best amphoras for winemaking?

A good amphora for winemaking has 4 main features:
it doesn’t “sweat”
it doesn’t oxygenate the wine too much, oxidizing it
it’s smooth
...and it cannot be cheap!

Manufacturing of a good amphora for wine making and ageing is a long – and expensive, - process.

However, an amphora’s cost has only an initial weight because an amphora is almost an eternal object.

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