Winemaking in Ceramic
Winemaking in Handmade Amphorae

Sirio Anfore

There are a lot of winemakers who are looking for a recipient different from wood or cement. That’s the reason why many now revaluate ceramic. This is a simple and natural material comparable to wood, but with the difference that ceramicdoesn’t release any third-party flavors to wine.

Amphora for winemaking makes a peculiar wine, featuring less external contaminations -, a wine that one won’t forget for sure.

We produce three different kinds of handmade ceramic amphorae.
The classic “Amphora 500” and the two new models, “Egg” and “Golden Section”.

These two new models have been designed with the intention of using the natural forms and energies that have been part of man's life and path since ancient times.

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