Interview with Fabrizio Ratti
How Anfore Sirio are made

Sirio Anfore

Sirio Anfore was born from the high competence in two different and fundamental fields: the wine production and clay handcrafting.

Fabrizio Ratti explaines how Sirio amphorae are made and help us understand why these amphorae are designed for wine making and refiment.

Fabrizio, which are the first steps to create an amphora?
Surely, the first steps are selecting the best and purest clayes.

Could you explain the different stages to create an amphora?
Once clay is choosen, it has left seasoning for some time; then, it is crushed and mixed with other minerals.
Sirio’s amphorae are actually made using a blend of minerals, mixed with clay. These additional minerals are fundamental to the specific employment of our amphorae, i,e. wine making and refinement.
When the blend is mixed correctly, we insert it in the mould by hand. The amphora seasons for 20 days, then it’s put into the dry klin for other 20 days. Now, the amphora is ready for the oven. This is a thorny stage because the amphora must be baked at more then 1030°C.
Afterwards, we put the amphora in water for some hours, then dry it and wash it with tartaric acid.
Only now we make our specific “Sirio” antibacterial treatment.

How the mould is done?
It is a plaster mold made by 8 segments, the dough is first placed in the 4 lower segments and then in the 4 upper ones.

What’s the dry klin?
The dry klin is a room with controlled ventilation, temperature, and humidity, in order to check the retirement of the clay. It’s really important that clay doesn’t pull back quickly beacause this could create rifts and cracks.

Why you must bake amphoras at up to 1030°C?
Beacause at that temperature amphora become harder and not porous.

How long does the production of a Sirio’s amphora last?
From the clay selection to the completion with accesories, a Sirio’s amphora production lasts about 10 weeks. It’s a long but necessary procedure if you want to obtain an high quality amphora.

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