Golden Ratio and Wine
Winemaking in amphora

Sirio Anfore

You have certainly heard of the "Golden Section" in architecture and art, but do you know what it is and what it has to do with a good wine?

The "Golden Section" is the ratio between two unequal lengths where the greater is the average proportional between the lesser and the sum of the two.

Known since ancient times, the Golden Section was used by Greeks and Egyptians in the construction of temples and palaces; it can also be found in numerous artistic works such as Renaissance paintings and operas.

Since this ratio gives harmony and elegance, we decided to apply it to our amphorae, proposing two particular types in golden section.

Born from the union of a professionist in winemaking and an artisan skills, Sirio’s amphorae are offered as a valid alternative to traditional ways of winemaking in wood or concrete. That’s because they are natural and feature unique proportions that allow the right fluid dynamics. Besides, they doesn’t give to wine any external aroma such as wood, aluminium or cement do, thus they allow you to create a different wine from classic one.

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